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I just want to end it all, I have 4 friends, one who goes to my school, two who live in a difference state but go to the same school, and one who lives in the next town. The one who goes to my school is really toxic, she talks bad about my family, about me, and can’t EVER keep a secret. The one who lives in the next town over is ok, we’re basically family since our parents know each other, but I don’t like telling her everything and something even she can be mean. The two who live in a different state live 500 miles away from me, they are both really good friends and I always feel left out when we FaceTime, recently one of them chose a guy over me… I don’t know how to feel about that. The other one is the best out of them all, but sometimes I feel like I can’t tell her everything either, she tells me everything (I think) and says that I’m always happy, and that I barely cry. And those are my only friends. All of my life and I can’t get the one person who I want the most, somebody who goes to my school, who I can tell everything to, who I trust.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

You can share what ever you want over here, if you feel comfortable. And someone choosing a guy over you is fine as its their own life and friends are important but you cant really spend your life with that relation. People do need to get committed and going.
You will probably be able to find someone in your school once school starts and feel good about it. Be positive. Sometimes, things take time. Just be patient and share your feeling here. Talk to your friends: the ones you feel like talking and communicate with them.


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