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i just want to be loved. i want to be told that i m special to someone. i m breaking otherwise.

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Irene @irene

I understand you very well, so know that you are special to me, because you, like me, dared to write here, to tell about your sufferings


thank u so much…means a lot to me…this made me cry

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

honestly, i feel exactly the same way. I want someone to tell me they love me and mean it. always here to talk :)


thank u so much :)


you know the courage that has been taken to write this is appreciated… we are unaware of each others identites but can i take a moment to say that you are special to me. You are very special to yourself. even if others wont stick around or theres nobody to tell you that they love you, always remember you have yourself to turn to, and to love. your love and courage will only make you feel better… so go out there and show your own self what youre capable of;)

extremely sorry for all the typos!


means a lot to me. thank you for sharing this moment with me.


the love that will make you grown and realize that you’re special is going to be your self love once you start loving yourself the you are trust me you won’t ever need anyone or anything to make you feel like you’re special.


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