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anonymous @famous_needle_2

I just want a genuine Sujjestion
Like the girl with whom i was in early stage of relationship and broke my heart
We didnt talk for months and now due my internship and college work
We are again becoming really good friends and we share a great bond again
But at the end of day it hits me that the one for whom i care for,love her would not be mine anyhow
Should i keep the friendship as its affecting me or should i go on with whats happening

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Buddy listen to me very carefully…if she is in any way any way affecting your career trust me move away from her. Because just imagine you will definitely definitely get a girl in future for sure. But remember, remember you won’t get this time back for studies and graduating with good marks. So, if you mess up now you mess up your life. So, make it worth and let her go.

anonymous @famous_needle_2

No its not affecting my studies
Like i have figured it out to involve these in to the studies

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Òbito💫 @obito_uchiha1

Just listen to me.
That time u rn’t the man she wished for. May be later u might have developed in maturity and all the stuff.

If u think she still deserves u.
Wt’s wrong in going into relationship again. She is just in friends because she is closely watching u.


But i dont think so that i am the right guy
As her expectations are not fulfilled with me
But then also she is not ready to gave up on our friendship
Also she said that she feel bad if i go into a relationship with other girl
What does this mean?

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