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I just stumbled across this app while searching for “how to deal with loneliness” so thought I’d give this a try.
I need some kind of distraction to cope with this loneliness. I’ve always had a problem with sudden change in nature of the people. Getting too attached to the people who shows a peace of warmth is my biggest weakness and they use it to their advantage. Trying to be strong enough for myself so that nobody can hurt me the way I’m getting hurt right now. Please do suggest anything that I can do by myself to get my mind diverted.

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Vartica S. @vartica_sharma

It happens because you there is a feeling of lack inside you.


Let’s talk friend 🩵


Always happens when you are incomplete from inside. Used to be same person few years back.

girl on fire @girlonfire

We can talk if you like, i feel the same way.


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