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I just saw this cute guy the other day and he had the most beautiful green eyes. He noticed me and I definitely saw him. And the lady at the bank told him to take a seat and there was no other space except next to me. And he sat and it was so awkwardddd.

I really wanted to talk to him and even wanted to ask for his number but I was too shy and scared that he would reject me I front of everyone., and I didn’t know if he was single or not. So I didn’t do anything we just sat there awkwardly next to each other until the lady called him😫

I want to scream.
How do I approach someone without making a complete fool of myself.
And note, I’m 18 and never been in a relationship before.

Please help
Girls and boys are both welcomed
to answer

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Reallyyyyy😩 then why didn’t he say anything

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Ok, that helps thank you. But that’s also the problem I don’t know what to say. I’m an introvert and extremely shy when it comes to cute guys. Knowing me I’ll probably something embarrassing and end up mortified


And I doubt I’ll ever see him again.

Ahhhhhhh, I really want to scream


There are other cute guys with green eyes. Youll have another chance dont fuss too much . Thik of striking a convo first dont go for number


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