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I just really wanna do something big in life i wanna get serious and literally change my life for good. Mu boyfriend is such a hardworking talented person, and me on the other hand im nothing compared to him, how will i present myself in front of his parents if i keep going on like this…. I want us to be perfectly compatible and made for eachother, i wanna really build up my skills and be the best version of myself to stand equal beside him. Although he is very nice and has never shamed me for being less than him but as im 20 and he’s 25, i feel im not a kid anymore.

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Focus on career and good luck


Its actually very good that you are acknowledging yourself that you wanna do something big in life.
Thinking that you wanna be something is first step of self improvement but please do it for your self and not for anybody else
You should do something for you not because you wanna be equal someone
It should be you vs you
Get insipre from your boyfriend but in a healthy way not not to validate what will his parents think

Ashley @bloopbloop

Wow I never thought of it like that, thank you


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