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i just made myself throw up for the first time ever. i feel disgusted that i did that. i had eating issues but i’ve never thrown anything up. i’m about to go to a party and was bloated. i regretted it and i know i’ll never do it again, i just feel terrible that i did that. like i betrayed myself, i know it’s my fault and i should’ve done it. i wasn’t thinking, or listening to myself

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Izzie L @calmingheart

hello. I know this can be very hard but please try to be kind to yourself. I have experienced this same exact thing. Your ed makes you do things that you once promised you would never do. I know it can make you feel like a failure but I promise that you are not. Maybe take some time later today to do something relaxing or something that makes you happy. I am here for you if you ever want to talk. Please feel free to connect with me. I wish the best for you <3


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