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Yash @yash

​​I just kept on gazing at us
Doing what we ​were​ best at
Loving , teasin​​g , caring and talking about everything under the ​moon​

Sharing love , hopes, dreams and much more
I don’t know what brings that numbness in the otherwise sparkling eyes
That loiters at endless roads

I don’t know what makes me crave for you every day I wake up for a good start
I don’t know what leaves a vacuum in my soul every night I sleep with yo​your thou​​g​hts​

May not physically but definitely you are there with me
From morn​in​g​ ​​ till the ​evenin​g​ ​​​
Making me smile and cry hopelessly

I know time has planned to maintain a distance between us
But girl I know every summer will be summer and every winter will be winter like bygone years

Years when winters were full of calmness ,serenity ,sharing and love
Years when summer ended with a beautiful splash of raindrop on every window pane
Wetting our souls and making us dance having ultimate fun

It may be that we shall not be able to spend a lot of time together as we used to
But youngest of all and closest to me
I will never let myself forget you .

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