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Kevin Menezes @kevinmeneze...

I just joined the app, for starters I think too much, I have people in my life but I can’t get myself to open up and share things, I find myself quite alone most of the times though I try my best to be social its difficult.
I hope this platform becomes a place where I can share what I feel and grow as an individual and hope this helps me open up in the real world too.
Thanks to everyone for lending a ear in advance!

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Hey. Welcome. It’s quite normal that you can’t open up to people around you. Many people here are like that including me. But this platform is amazing and I found some amazing friends here. I’m 100 percent sure you will also!!


Hey Kevin. Great to have you hear. You’ll most certainly enjoy this app. Has kind of become a routine for the most of us. It’s very exhilarating to say whatever’s on your mind and be yourself through this app. Hope it helps you out too.


Well this is quite normal 😅 cause I also feel the same most of the time cause I don’t have someone to whom I can talk cause all my friends have gone to college and they don’t want to talk with me anymore and I feel awkward among new people


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