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i just hate the fact that my 2 older siblings are spoiled by my mom my dad works at another place so we can only see him every 6 months he is the only who i don’t hate in our family because he never gets mad at me on the other hand my siblings and my mom always scold me for very small things i am always blamed and recently my cousin found out what happened when my sister told me to stop eating and clean all the baby bottles (she has a daughter) i was still eating tho so what i did was i cleaned on bottle and then sterilized it quickly so that i could go back to eat the snacks then i gave her the bottle she refused and and told me to clean all 5 remaining bottles after i was done i was the only one left to by myself and our house keeper saw that i cried she told my cousin and my cousin told me when i am too feed up with them i would just text her she would pick me up. i immediately cried after she said that i really wanted to tell her that i am depressed but am scared to what should i do should i tell her that i am depressed?

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It is tough when your family itself treats you badly. You need to start putting yourself first and set some boundaries with your family . It is hard as you live with them and feel obliged to do the work or may feel guilty in the beginning when you refuse to do something .
Take baby steps and try to become independent so you need not depend on your family for your needs .
And talk to your cousin don’t suppress your feelings . Talking and expressing yourself helps a lot .


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