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I just hate myself… I don’t know how to cop with things … Growing up my parents were always busy in their own personal matter and all they did was saying me that they r busy and never the less tell me how different I’m from my big brother comparing every small things … I was never allowed to have any choice or freedom … I was alone … as my parents and brother was busy I was taught to lock myself in house at age of 6 … it wasn’t bad but it make feel lonely… Yet from the age of 6 to age 18 ,I was alone in that house… I was out only for school… but being alone … Build up my anxiety I don’t know how to speak with people till this day… In my teenage I was more of over public pleaser and every one used me for being that way … The only thing that help me was food … made me emotional eater …only thing to comfort me … And years in lockdown I went into isolation… cuted off everyone still I can’t make anyone my friend … cause I still believe everyone would happy if I won’t be in their life…my family goes on on for the way I am … I’m overweight and I hate the way I look…I don’t know how to speak with people, I don’t know how to smile, I don’t know how to be normal …
I don’t know if anyone would even read this but if u r reading this I want to thank you for reading

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Hey dont worry. What has happened is past. Now.learn from it and make use of it. Come out of compulsive actions and work on your fitness. Do exercise and speak to people. Are you in college now?

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