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I just hate everyone
So it all started when online classes for 6th grade started (sounds weird) My cousin and I were freaking classmates it was our first time being clsmates-_- OFCOURSE i was excited and happy at first but idk I dont think I am now.I’d say she isn’t really that smart but she isn’t also an idiot (well sometimes she is-) I always got higher grades than her. I remember when I got an award in 2nd grade while she was just standing there watching me recieving an award after that she cam to me and suddenly asked me "why did u only get one award?"what the frick I was literally about to tell her “well atleast I got one and worked hard for it” but her father was next to her so I was like ok nvm lol.his dad is scary. I ddidnt care about it since we were young back then. so anyways back to the story She would vsisit our house evry mon-fri.since her parents cant rllly help her in aswering her homework so my parents decided to do it ––

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oh wow

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Okay, so what happened afterwards??? I’ll be waiting for the 2nd half.
Also it seems like maybe your cousin is a little insecure, and I wouldn’t taunt her and compare grades because that could damage your relationship, and she’s family and you don’t ever wanna do that. Lol I love how you say “I ddidnt care about it since we were young back then.” Being in 6th grade still makes you very young, even though it certainly doesn’t feel like it.


I’m gonna post the 2nd part maybe next week or next next week cos im gonna be very busy this week. btw Thank you so mch for listening😄😄😄😄


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