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I just had a second baby. We were barely making it through before that. But now it’s even harder. A few more days and I might be flat broke. I am the sole earning member in my family. My job pays well but it’s just not enough.

5 replies

I hope everything works out soon. This phase soon will pass. You are a hardworking person and i am sure you will get through this.

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

I hope you get what you deserve. Dont lose faith

No one 111 @jarul

My advice is run away. That’s what I would’ve done for sure.

Avni @avni

I think cutting back on a few extra spendings should atleast keep you afloat for now. In the meanwhile, ask your spouse if they can start working from home. Freelancing is a great option. And just genuinely my second advice would be, dont have a third kid. This is not to be rude but seeing you financial condition. Kids require so much, both financially and otherwise. If you can, put in extra hours or freelance yourself for extra flow of cash. I hope this helps and congratulations on your new baby:)

Afreen @afreen

It is a phase of life.
I am sure it will pass.


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