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I just found this site thankfully and hopefully I can get to talk to someone about my thoughts. I feel like no one is listening to me when I’m having a panic attack or when I’m about to. I have a loving boyfriend who clowns around and uses jokes as a way of comforting me. That isn’t a bad thing at all other times but sometimes I can’t help but feel ignored. I’ve tried plenty of times to talk to my mother, she gives advice without even listening or “casually” avoids conversation. My friends…don’t seem to be around. Or if they are/when they are, I find that a lot of the time I hide what I really need to talk about to avoid the situation that I’m too funerable, or I’m too needy, or I’m being selfish, or I’m annoying. I’m scared of it. I need someone to be serious or else I am going to genuinely meltdown. So while I know and I am aware this isn’t a therapy site, I could use a little vulnerability and talking it out with someone. For the record: I have looked at all of the online therapy sites.…I don’t want to be suggested that.

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heyy!! how are you feeling now? From your post i can conclude that you are a bit mature and that’s where you are gaining in yourself. You will be knowing that inspite of many people in your life and even they are closer, you have to manage yourself afterall, and it can be physically or mentally so you have to figure it out at last. Not to say much but sharing this with some random people could heal you just like you came here and typed. And i am sure you yourself can better handle with your anxieties and not for the help of some close ones or maybe your so called friends. Be you and go for yourself. Hope you’ll understand and this makes you positive. Bye!!


How are you doing? I can imagine how difficult things must be for you right now. I can only say that they won’t always be this way and it will eventually get better. I am glad you found the courage to talk about this despite of not receiving positive feedback from your close ones when most people would’ve chosen to shut themselves down and retreat. You’re strong and smart and you will find your way out of this. We’re here anytime you feel like sharing. Hope you feel better soon! 🌼🌼


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