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I just feel that my problems are inferior to others, and I just keep telling myself that I do it for attention I know I shouldn’t tell myself that, but it just happens. And with the guilt from my past mistakes, my regrets, everyone I hurt it just makes me seem like a monster. It makes me want to end it all, but I can’t even do that 'cause I know my friends have bad lives and they rely on me to help them so if they lose their only line of support, wouldn’t it just cause a chain reaction of deaths? I’m so lost and stressed.

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thanks for sharing
your problems are equally valid and equally important.
if you have any problem or if you don’t feel okay you can always share it with someone you feel comfortable with and maybe you will be shocked to see how comforting it is. and i am happy to know that you help others in need but just don’t ignore yourself as well because you are important too
take care
thank you


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