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I just feel so miserable. there was this frnd of mine who was all into fashion and stuff but now she has become so productive. I joined a college better than her but i still feel that she is more happier than what she is hving. I am not able to be productive and feel lost. Most of the times i feel like binge watching kdramas and study before exams. My frnd joined many clubs and committes and when i compare herself with me i feel miserable. She is freaking rich and im fucking poor. Just because i understand the adversities of life i end of facing them of her part too. Why do i compare myself a lot with her? IK its wrong andi shldnt coz i have to look after my mental health but then whenever she does smthing above me i feel insecure, i feel that god is not being fair to me. I work day to night. morning to evening classes straight, but still she is good at beauty, and is extremely rich.

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My dear
You are human
N humans do compare n feel envious
So that is normal
But dear dnt you think
By this comparision
You are aggravating ur problems…
See why compare with someone who is above you
Why not look at so many ppl who are so below u
There might be so many of ur classmates who might not be as well to do as you
Or maybe might be in a situation bad than urs
U are robbing ur mental peace
By comparing with her…
If she has this n that
U too have something
Which she doesnot have
Because nobody can have everything in life…

Dear unfortunately in life
Some ppl are very lucky
N some not that fortunate
But then
Dont u think we shd make the best of what we have…

Putting our best efforts
Or doing hardwork is in our hand
Results are outcome are beyond our control…

Just focus on urself
Be a better n ultimately best version of urself
Have faith
U will get all that u deserve
Just keep chasing…

Stay calm
Stay happy
God bless you
Good luck


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