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I just feel really very sad right now. I was visiting my fiancé for a few days and I took a lot of effort to go out and buy all the ingredients and make him something that he really likes and wanted to eat for a while. He just had a little bit of it when I was there with him and I’ve been reminding him to eat it ever since before it gets spoilt (in like 2 days). Today I he said he felt hungry so I said he could eat that and he flipped and said that maybe I shouldn’t even cook anything he likes if I’m gonna force him to eat. I just feel so stupid that I actually took the effort to do all this while he was at work so I could surprise him and I just feel so disrespected. And it’s not like it tasted bad or anything. Im a really good cook and everybody loves what I make so it’s not like he’s avoiding it because it’s bad. I just feel so horrible.

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Something happened with him. Baat karlo usse and see.

Sanaya Kohli @riti03

Chances are he is already worried about something else. Try to talk it out. Don’t keep it in your heart just communicate whatever you feel.


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