I just feel really lonely right now, I feel as if all of my friends are drifting away. Sorry for wasting your time.

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Hey someone!!!
You did not wasted anyone’s time, at least not mine.
Friends huh? They come and go, come and go, and once again come and go. Just know that whatever that is meant to be, is going to happen. And everything has a reason.
During this pandemic, I am sure everybody is busy with their own lives. Just don’t be sad. Come on! If you feel like your friends are drifting away, text them and call them. Tell them how you feel. The real friends will be there for you, if you cry, if you feel sad, if you are disappointed with something.

Even during this pandemic, of course your friends won’t be face timing with you 24/7. :) But the real friends will talk to you and will text you message if they know you are so lonely. If they don’t care, just leave it there. Say whatever dude and be glad to know the true colour of your friend.

Hey, there is a sunlight after rain. Sometimes a rainbow too! Sending you an energy! <3
By the way, listen to “Like G6” by Far East Movement, and dance like nobody is watching you. If you are a girl, do your makeup, put on some makeup and put on this music and girlllll, dance and DANCE!

Feel the moment.

Enjoy the moment.

Take cute selfies.

Have fun with yourself. :)

If you are a boy, why not have fun too? Dance, take a nice hot shower and shave. Put on a perfume. Why not take selfies and dance too.

If you live with your families or friends, have fun with them. Come on get up.

Hope I helped you at least in a littlest way.

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Me even before completing a week in 2023😂

Darshan @kulfi

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Favourite fantasy?
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rushikesh @ruship_5550

It's 24 for preparation & 8 left ....And I started Now😅❤️
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starlsey<3 @starlsey

bro why do i have friends but feel lonely 💀
Everyone is just faking their fantasies