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M @mm59

I just feel nobody cares about me, even when my whole family is in the next room, even when I have friends, even when I talk to this guy that I like and we’ve become long distance friends. I just perceive myself like a waste of time and resources. I think about all the money my parents have spent on me, all the time and effort that demands having a child and I feel the obligation of doing big things, to be “someone” and make them proud of me. I also feel they are disappointed because even with all this opportunities and love, I feel sad.

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Sorry to hear that but there are always 1 or 2 person who care about us. They can be from your family or friends. Family always cares. We are living in era where almost every person has mobile phone so they often busy in using phone & chatting to people on whatsapp or FB rather than giving time to people who actually present for them right now. Just try to spend time with your family & hope it may help you.

bittu singh @bittu123

Hi friend

bittu singh @bittu123

Hi friend


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