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i just feel like i am not doing enough sometimes.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj


I feel the same sometimes.I feel like I can do so much more at times and that I am not matching up to my potential. But after going through this for a while, it makes me realize is that there will always be scope to do so much more. That’s why whenever I feel like I have not done enough, I take out a pen and paper and write down everything I have done and when I start writing I start remembering things which I have done in and they help me see my progress ,they remind me of how far I have come and remind me to appreciate all my effort whether it is for my work or my relationships. I think sometimes, the most significant thing to do is to reflect on what you have done and be proud of yourself.


Hey there it’s okeyy…No one is excepted to give 100% result at all times . The important thing is to try and do . Even if you take some time off then also, it’s absolutely fine . We are just humans and not machines or robots to keep working 24*7 *365 days . Chill okeyy . Relax . It’s equally important to take some time off for yourself as it is to do work . Stay happy okeyy . Rejuvenate yourself at times and keep working towards you dreams . All the best . Don’t take any kind of stress .

Malini @malini


I feel that people who generally feel like this, are the ones who are always giving their 100%. We push ourselves too hard. I think we do this because we care so much about so many things. I am one of those people and so I know from experience that we are doing enough. Everyday we push our boundaries a bit more. And one day all of this will give us the result that we are aiming for. Just remember to breathe every once in a while.


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