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I just feel like crying. I want to cry my eyes out it’s hurting inside but I don’t know why i just want a fresh start i want to go far far away where no one can contact me and i will never ever come back again it hurts it hurts so bad everytime everyday nonstop i feel nothing else i just pretend to be happy but I’m not happy inside it just too tough to live i wish i was never born

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One among you @anonymous07...

Aahhh I see… the will to face this battle is fading I guess… but friend, there’s nothing a human can’t face. So fight this battle… set your priorities and boundaries and don’t hesitate to say NO to the ppl who try to hurt you.

I feel you cuz I was going through the same phase frm 2017 to 2019… now my only aim is to fight my anxiety, low esteem issues, and build confidence to find a job or figure my life out.

Life is easy… don’t let others make it hard for you, they are mere human beings.


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