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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

Rituparna Kar @kuser0987

I just feel defeated so much… and it’s not fair… I can’t explain the complicated situation I am in… but right now I am drained… Emotionally… metally spiritually… genuine to talk to around me… so vulnerable… I don’t want to be this… help me

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just a pause @justapause

Hey you can talk to me buddy.
Just relax
I send you a request
You can share anything and chat with me… Ok?
Always here for you

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Pushkar @pushkar254

Which situation you defeated in

Subha Pradha @pradha

U know what I really can feel u, I’m in the samw state, all my friends Don’t care me, I don’t have any true and caring souls around me. you know I always waste my time and be in a mental breakdown, depressed. See I can relate… you are not alone here… it will pass soon, be strong. Just realise that sometimes nobody is there for you in real life, u have to make habit of that. Life is short, stop overthinking and do what makes you happy, please care yourself u have came this long way, this bad feeling will pass soon

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Abhyanshu @ape

Take a break buddy. Don’t try to control everything. Just let it go

Rituparna Kar @kuser0987


Rituparna Kar @kuser0987

Cqn you suggest me ways to take a break emotionally and mentally?

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Abhyanshu @ape

There aren’t any proven ways. All you can do is avoid negativity and overthinking and focus on things that gives you happiness and talk to people who understands you.

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akki @akkiiiiz

Just try to calm your self stop thinking for a while n figure out the situation…first u need to understand the situation with calmness then you will find a way that how you have to manage it …you know what God created us in such a manner that we can handle everything take a break give urself time then put urself away from you n see all the situation n u will find the problem as well as solution


Hey… It’s okay to feel defeated and drained sometimes!!!
Bt that doesn’t mean you stay that way… Nd if nobody is genuine enough for you to share your feelings… You have yourself… Nd that’s more than enough…
Have hope💫

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Lucky Luck @lakhan0260

Just ignore those people, move forward n try to find good one

Punith @punithhm

Nobody is alone in this world. Have faith.

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anuj @anujvohra

Take care! Hope things will be fine soon

Rituparna Kar @kuser0987

Thank you so much!

Anuj Sharma @pahari45


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