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P @clumsylittle

i just don’t know if i am doing it wrong or am i missing something. Like its been over an year i couldn’t just get a hold of my work cycle,i fee like i am not fully into it,but as hard as try the doors keep closing making me wonder if i did the thing wrongly or its just their will. no matter how hard i try i get literally 1% of my hardwork in return. its just like i don’t feeling like doing the work i do sometimes. i just feel that i should just run away from my routine and drop the things i have been doing so far to just follow my doing it rightly or should i just drop it down

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Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Hey there, welcome to post lockdown symptoms.
You are doing great and you never stopped trying hard, that makes you a beautiful person on the whole.
and please take time to create a hobby and ME time.
practise them and increase the time every week.
Prioritise things, spend time with family and keep social media a bit far.
BTW keep an eye on vacancies or requirement in the field of your passion, grab any opportunity if you see.


If you are not getting any return and also not feeling like doing it then you should try new endeavor… hoping on something and giving your everything is good but in your case neither is happening, so better try new things


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