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I just don’t know how to handle it anymore. My ex constantly finds ways to contact me and tell me I’m no good, I’m just a joke, that they feel bad for my current partner and tells me my friends don’t care about me. Tells me I’m a horrible parent and that I’ll lose my job, apartment, etc etc. Then will suddenly contact me with “I’m sorry” and act all caring. I don’t like this person. I’m happy with my current boyfriend but my exes words still bother me. I’ve tried blocking them and doing whatever I can to hide from them but they still find ways to send me messages. I just don’t know what to do. I want them to go away and to leave me alone but they just refuse. I’ve got no one to really talk to. I feel like a burden to everyone when I bring my ex up, they don’t seem to understand that I can’t just laugh away their attempts to hurt me when it’s a constant thing weighing on my shoulders and a free they’ll go a step above that. They’ve already threatened to try and make me lose my job, to harass my family, that they’ll kill themselves if I don’t talk to them things like that.

This post is all over the place. I’m sorry. I just I don’t know. I don’t want to feel on edge anymore. I just want to be happy.

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Hey am sorry to here that what ever is happening with you .
I will tell you something , when ever your ex is finding you and taunting you and leaves after a while he calls you back and says “ sorry “ so here there is a good shade in him he knows that this is not the way to talk to you and coming back with a sorry .
I think you might be his first love or he had a very serious relationship with you which he is not able to come out of it he has set a fear of loosing you constantly .
I would suggest you two things
The very first one is call him
Yess I said call me , meet him and talk to him make your self comfortable with him and show him how happy your are now tell him that you are not the right person to him , tell him that he has a better person waiting for him in his life.
He will be only changed by the way your communicate him about this .

And the second thing if you still feel your not safe with him go put a harassing complain against him close the matter .

Choose the best one you like according to your situation where your standing …!😊
Everything will be alright…!

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Hmmm he seems like he is trying to get you to come back to him in a messed up way to me. You could try to get a restraining order on him or something if nothing you say will get him to stop. Oh yeah and if you haven’t told your boyfriend about it you should just in case your ex tries something you never know what people like this will do.
I hope this gets better for you soon and be safe.


he is obviously still hung up on you, you can go to the police this is harassment and he is already threatening you and your family i think you can get a restraining order or something or worse for him, file a lawsuit. it also won’t hurt to tell ur current bf dont keep him in the dark im sure he’ll want to know and would help protecting you


Agree with you this ex person sounds to be so pathetic. Just trying to control her in some way or the other. To the owner of the post, don’t let him win by letting his toxic words into your mind dear. Stay strong. He is just desperate for your attention and trying every possible way to get to you. As the comment says, try to get a legal protection and talk to your current boyfriend openly.


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