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I just can’t turn to my family anymore. My mom recently passed. And I’m taking care of my brother. I’ve developed bad depression and anxiety. And it’s so hard for me to work. My bf is paying for all of my bills atm. He’s honestly an angel. Just taking care of my brother and my mother passing has made tension between us… we just don’t act like a couple anymore. But we still look out for each other and help each other. We just don’t have sex or anything like that anymore. And we’re only 21. I keep having panic attacks when I get a new job I just end up quitting. Plus my family is toxic so bad. Drinking and smoking weed. I’m being blamed for my moms death bc I put her on dnr but she asked me too… everyone is telling me how to raise my brother and im going slap crazy. I’m wanting to move but I’m broke. My new job is 17.50 to watch kids… but I get so scared I end up quitting. I’m just lost what to do…

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Luna @luna7

Don’t think about those toxic people, no matter what you do, how good you are, they’ll pass unnecessary advises and comments. Ik it might be hard with all this burden but you gotta hold on to it for your boyfriend and your brother. You said your bf is paying for you which means he still somewhere has a hope that everything will be alright, I trust you please don’t give up so easily.


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