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I impulsively did something, doesn’t make it right. I even ghosted her as well & I finally reached out, I’m going to apologize for everything.

I don’t think I’m a bad person but what I did was wrong.

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If you regret it and you apologize and do not repeat the same mistake then yes you are not a bad person. It’s okay if you did something wrong because now you have corrected it as much as you can


Proud of you for realising the mistake n taking responsibility for it
🥺ik its damn hard to apologise n reachout again after ghosting.
Things gonna be alright buddy💜


The good part is you realised your mistakes, you are accepting them and apologies for them.
But you will never be able to understand her pain and suffering during this phase.
Saying sorry is okay. Try to understand that sorry is just a word, it can’t remove all the hurt that she has caused by you.
So its okay. You got to know you were wrong you apologise, but let this be on her…that how she want this to be from now on…
She is hurt, give her time to recover.
Bothering her again and again… Saying sorry multiple times will only irritate her and make her angry.

*Based on my own experience.


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