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rosi yi @roseyi

I hv been bullied since i was a kid
Finnally i was happy with some true souls i found who dint bullied me
But then adulthood come
My parents put restrictions on me
Where to go.what to eat.when to do this,that .and fuck Every thing…now idk why but i want to go back as kid without any restriction but i don’t want to at same time because of painfully being bullied
I’m stuck

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Brad Wayne @brad

Hey im unable to connect with u … here
Can u pm me?
Wanna talk bout your thought…

rosi yi @roseyi



Heyy, it’s okay. Every new phase of life is hard on us, but that doesn’t mean that we have to seek shelter in the past.
As in past nobody was nice to you, but you met new people, started everything new and that worked out well for you. And thus this phase will to. I can understand that the restrictions must be bothering you, and that okay but they’ll not be there forever, like they’ll allow you to do what you want, but there’s a time for that. As you are new to all of this they’ll do that, but once you are used to it, they’ll surely ease the restrictions. So don’t worry, just sit back and relax and enjoy the new phase of your life.

rosi yi @roseyi

Thanks u sir/mam it means more than a lot


When I supported someone who is constantly being bullied…I was made fun off…I was ridiculed…and named weird…but well…I stood with fella…

What I can say is…u gotta stand for urself…simple it may sound…

But it’s a normal psychi of the human…
Weaker will always be exploited…

rosi yi @roseyi

Yes I got that but it’s just soo hard


Not impossible…see the situation from the practical aspect… internalize one thing…u have to fight ur own battles

And trust me…u have whole life going ahead of… bulleyin isn’t even piece infront of those…

And bulleyin isn’t gonna kill ya…
So… Nothin to fear off.

Just imagine…what’s worse can happen to u…

I mean tell me…what worse can happen?


I guess u r right thank u soo much sir/mam i I’m not feeling taht bad anymore thanks


Mention not…and it’s sir…

Things are ephemeral…if can’t change the cirmustance…change perception and outlook…outcome will be different…it’s all in our mind.

Hope this helps…keep it up…

rosi yi @roseyi

Yes sir thank u alot u made my day

Neeraj Kumar @neeraj5555

Time heels everything

rosi yi @roseyi

Yes sir I’ll not give up


This doesn’t apply everywhere…

I mean things which are under our control…we cant just wait them to get normal…

Time heals those thing which are beyond our control…and it’s just fancy way of convincing ourself to stay calm…as we have no control over things and that makes us unstable…

But we do have tk out efforrs in the areas where we definitely have some control over…

In case of bulleyin…we can’t wish tk get solve on their own…

rosi yi @roseyi

U r soo nice i love and ya u r right in every message of urs


All the best…


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