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I hope he finds someone who can understand his feelings and loves him more than I could ever do just like he gets to know everything that’s on my mind without me saying a single word. I hope you get to be with a person who is always looking out for you just like you care for their well-being always. I hope he finds solace in whatever he does, big or small doesn’t matter. I haven’t really seen a more hardworking and sweetest person than him in a long time. He truly has a heart of gold. I am glad that I got to know you and understand you in this lifetime. It’s truly magical and I will cherish it forever. Will always pray for your happiness and success.

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It’s too cute is he on the same platform

Zak Puckett @ztothephour

hmm… How are youuuu though… ? whats up? somethin is missing here, nothing wrong with anything you wrote, i’m actually all in favor, but i know other implications of all of this being true. so, how are you?


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