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I haven’t seen my best friend for more than six months now. And its not due to covid. Its not that bad where I’m from so people can still go places in pairs but not in large gathering. And now I’m rambling. Sorry. Anyway we use to talk from time to time over whatsapp you know. We were always close even with the distance. I would just pop into her inbox and vice versa. But nowadays when I text her and she doesn’t even open my messages. I could send like 5 text after the other and she still wont open it. Until I’m like “answer my messages” or “are you online”, I did that today and she said “sorry I’ve been busy with school” and I was like “its fine I get it I’ve been busy too”. I understand though, school just started again and we have to do it online which can be very hectic at times. But I mean you can at least spare me some time right? we have been best friend for 5 years. But then she doesn’t open my message when I respond and I know she knows I’ve messaged her cause she’s online most of the time. On her status she always puts her conversation with other people and is posting a lot of stuff like her going to the beach with her friends her hanging with her classmates and a bunch of other stuff. So I ask myself if she’s busy how come she has time to talk to everyone else except me and put hundreds of status’ .
Her and I are complete opposite, she’s always been an extrovert and I’ve always been an introvert and different even in other ways, but that has always worked for us. I’m not jealous that she has other friends, so do i and she’s a social butterfly so that’s expected.

I do have other friends and sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in, so I have to force myself to 'cause I don’t want to be the odd one out. And sometimes I feel so lonely and friendless, like no one really understands. I can’t even remember the last time someone has asked how I’m doing.
Any Advice?
And I’m sorry if this is long and I’m rambling.

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Jafar Abbas @jafarabbas33

This is what I think, don’t have expectations from someone for anything. Some time ago I wanted to discontinue my friendship with a friend of mine because I didn’t like his new friends and maybe wanted some time to figure some things out and wanted to be alone. We have been friends for like 1.5 decade now. And now I wanted to discontinue my friendship. But I tried to get distant using excuses, but he didn’t let me go. He tried to make sure I don’t go away. And that is exactly what happened. Now I call him frequently usually just to talk and he does too. So what I am saying is MAYBE she wants some space or she wants to discontinue friendship. I think maybe you should read her actions or if you are close friends then ask her directly (without being rude of course) that what is the matter exactly. And I think it doesn’t matter how long you both have been friends, it doesn’t mean that they are loyal. A friend you met a month ago might be more loyal towards you than a 5 years old friendship.

Have an amazing life😃


Thank you so much, you have no idea how helpful that was. I will most probably ask her about it.
Again thank you so much!!

Jafar Abbas @jafarabbas33

I’m super glad I could be of help😃 Just one more thing: At the end of the day, you have yourself only. So love yourself for who you are as no one is like you. If someone says I don’t want to be with you for any reason, you should have the courage and understanding to say “It would have been good to have things worked out but okay. It was nice knowing you. Bye.” I might be wrong but yeah, these are just my thoughts.



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