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i haven’t had to use this for a while which is good (:

my mother and her new (i think (not too new)) boyfriend argue so much. he always says he just wants to get out while he’s arguing and i just think ‘we’ll get out and go somewhere else’. my mum is too nice, she’s letting him stay at our house and i don’t want him here. i know that she’ll listen to me if i say that i want him out but she won’t kick him out 'cause of the reason that she’s too nice.
He got 2 cats while he was here and i do not like them. i kept on putting them in the kitchen today so they don’t come into my room and so i can leave my door open but he told me to stop putting them in the kitchen.
it’s so annoying to not have control over my own house while he’s meant to be a visitor and all i feel he does is yell at my mum and whine about not having money (he doesn’t have a job) or yell (once again at my mum) that he wants to get out. my mum is doing the best she can and he can’t see that, so i don’t want him here. he is wasting our money on games and i don’t even know if he helps pay for the food or the house.

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