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I haven’t been on now and me for a while, but since then things have changed, I have a new friend and my new friendship group make me feel like I’m really their friend, me and my friends had a fight last year but I really missed one of them so I cam back, turns out she is really mean and she started rumours about me and so I realised it wasn’t her I missed it was the others, she left the group and I joined. I now have 3 good friends that make me feel wanted and i thought things were good but then the drama happened. There is a boy on my bus that grew up with me, we did sports together and shared interests, I realised recently how much I like him but no one else does, he gets bullied and I try to stand up for him but it always goes bad, there is also so much drama with all of the other friend ship groups, and it’s so overwhelming that I burst into tears on Wednesday during sport, now everyone thinks in a baby for randomly crying like that and everyone is avoiding (except for my friends). I just feel like I needed to share that, thanks for reading this, Katie

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Hey. Don’t worry you’re not alone. This is the platform for you to come and share everything you feel like. Don’t be affected by how people react, if you’re supporting the guy you know you’re doing the right thing. As for your group, I’m really glad to hear that you’re back and happy. Don’t forget you deserve all the love and happiness in the world :)


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