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I haven’t been feeling good lately, especially because of the lockdown. Don’t remember when I laughed. No one to share my feelings to. I suffer from anxiety, and kind of feel like an outcast almost all the time, even in my home. Even when I try to discuss my problems with my friends they ignore it, don’t even acknowledge what said and when I point it out, they get offended. I can barely stop my tears. Please help me. Please

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Avtar @avtar


Hey hey hey

Relax instead of just reading or replying I think you must speak up but now the concern is with whom…??

So now tell me one thing what are you expecting from this platform ???

On behalf will try to resolve your problem πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»


That’s pretty simple.
First of all. Get all the toxic thoughts away from you. β€œBut how do I recognize toxic thoughts?” The thoughts that don’t help you and make you upset are toxic.
Second of all. Smile more. Smiles cause happiness too.
Third. MEET NEW PEOPLE!!! You would be amazed by how many social medias there are where you can meet people with similar feelings!!
Fourth. If you ever feel like giving up, don’t. Remember that you want the change and you aren’t going to make it if you give it. Be patient and things will happen little by little. And if you think you aren’t strong or brave, fake it. Fake it till you make it true.
And remember. You will get better. Every rainbow comes after rain. Every warm spring comes after a cold winter.


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