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I haven’t been eating properly too, I used to eat a lot and snack too much, but now I barely eat. That’s because my family is skinny, well they only have very but very small rolls like u can barely see them and I don’t I am chubbier…I’m not fat or skinny I’m in between. I used to weigh 158.9lbs, and since I have been feeling very depressed and I lost appetite I am currently 154.8lbs. I have also been working out so not eating well and working out made me lose weight fast…and I’ll admit that I’m not proud of it.
My sister is pretty and she is getting her curves and I envy that, she has good grades, she is pretty, and I envy that a lot, but that doesn’t mean I wish her the worst. The reason I envy her is that my parents like how smart she is and they sometimes compare me to her and it isn’t the best feeling.
They expected me to be like her, my mom also said I should be skinny and work out…my dad is also like that with me he says I like to eat lots of junk food when he doesn’t even know that I haven’t eaten in all day.
He always comes from work around 7-8 pm and he thinks I am lazy and never do anything. I like to eat quesadillas a lot at the same time my dad gets home, and this one time I prepare some and he told me not long ago that, I should stop eating that and eat proper food that my mom makes and he even said that’s why I look how I do, that hurt because he called me fat without saying that word. To this day I don’t eat any…My parents have brought such a huge impact on me and the way I eat and not a good one to say.
Remember how I said he comes around 7-8 PM that’s about the time I am done with HW and when I do use my phone he always tells me I have been using it all day and that I haven’t done anything and that I should be doing hw like my sister, as I said before he thinks he knows me but he doesn’t. I told him once that he hadn’t seen me do any hw because he is never home. that fact that he said like my sister always angers me, like anybody else no one likes being compared to their other sibling, and when they do that it just leads them to hate their sibling.

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I’ll be honest; your family sounds nasty, and I think you’re anorexic (takes one to know one!). You do not need to be skinny; skinny isn’t healthy, I have a friend who is skinny but only drinks soft drink and alcohol. Healthy is important, size is not. So to hell with society ideas of health, beauty and the prejudice brought with it! You’re beautiful as you are, and eat that chocolate as long as you eat veggies too. Exercise and sleep, not for looks but for health and endorphins and that! Eat as you need, treat yourself, just be careful not to over-do it. Sorry if this isn’t helpful!


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