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Prakhar @pj4

I havebeen talking to a girl online since past 5 days. She said she has gotten attached with me(she has shown interest due to my looks and voice that i figured it out due to some of her activities) . I like talking to her but i dont want to commit to her but i think she wants commit. What should i do?

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Do you want to get into a relationship?

Prakhar @pj4

Not with her , actually i dont know but majorly i dont want a relationship with her


Then show her within your conversations that you’re not interested.

Prakhar @pj4


sai @nobody__

I suggest to find out whether she is in love genuinely with you or not…
You figured it out on your own my friend…ask her why she like…tell her what you feel…

Ask the questions get the answer…you’ll pass the test 😉😉


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