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I have tried for a total of almost 10 plus jobs. Either i get no calls at all or else even if i get calls then dont contact again. i had a few interviews also but all i get after that interview is a rejection mail stating that they found another candidate for the job who is more aligned with the job roles and responsibilities. Its very devastating. My current company pays ctc 3 LPA in which it is difficult to to survive in a big city like bangalore. Its almost been 2 months. Some companies dont even have the decency to either call or send a rejection mail after interview. I am just so mentally drained and depressed.

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anuj @anujvohra

Today’s market is little tough. Just keep trying. Also connect with founders and owners directly via LinkedIn. lot of openings are not shown but get filled through references. Just keep trying. Which profile are you looking at. Share more details .


I have 2 plus years of experience into order to cash profile.

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anuj @anujvohra

Cash profile means?

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Nirmay C. @nirmay_chaudhry

I understand job searching can be a challenging and sometimes a very disheartening journey. Try to understand that facing a setback doesn’t make you weak or question your capabilities.

It is a golden period for Self reflection and to know a Scope of improvement. It’s okay to ask for help and support from friends,family or even me as a Psychologist

Maybe we can explore strategies to enhance your job search and build that confidence again


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