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I have too much going in my mind right now.
So here it goes,
I have an elder sister whom I literally used to idealise 3-4 years back when i was in high school.
But as time passed i realised everybody is fucked up and trying to be a decent human being( which is literally a struggle).
And now i find too many flaws in her.
I don’t feel like talking to her because she is always critising me and making fun of my things( maybe in a fun way, but I don’t like it)
I know i should know how to take jokes but i DONOT like certain things.
I like to paint and stuff i know i am not an expert but i would like some appreciation sometimes and not being made fun of always for creating art she does not like.
I know communication is the key but i am just too disappointed and fear that she will on me for communicating too because then i will be labelled as oversentittive and too serious for life.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hi there,
First & Foremost, I think I want you to let go of the worry of “Labels” because there will always be something that someone would want to call you. It might be a joke, it might be to tease you or it might just be something random. So, try to not take that to heart if possible.

You’re very right when you say that everyone is trying and struggling to be a decent human being. Maybe your sister is going through some things at the moment too. You could perhaps try asking her if there’s something that she might like to share, and you could be there for her. Because it is possible that she is making jokes either to lighten the mood or as a way to vent or perhaps even some other reason that you and I might not be able to think of. As sisters, especially if you’re close, or at least trying to remain close, you must keep all your communication channels open. Most often, it’s just misinterpretation and miscommunication that gets in the way.
If she gets angry or feels like she is being confronted, you can always try telling her where you’re coming from, what you mean and how you feel. As the elder sister, she should be able to understand that. But even if she doesn’t, and even if you don’t get a good response from her, don’t blame yourself. Because you will be the one who will have actually made an effort to repair your relationship with her. And that makes you a caring individual. And that is a really good thing. Family is important and you realise the value of that, so don’t let presumptions or fears stop you. Let anybody call you whatever they want to, it doesn’t matter. Your choices are right, don’t be afraid to own up to them. Stand up to your bullies, don’t let them get the satisfaction of putting you down.

Sensitivity is a rare quality in today’s times, don’t ever lose it, it is so very precious ❤️


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