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I have to break up (i think it is both of us) with my LDR gf because she’s been ghosting and ignoring me for weeks already. I broke up without saying anything as well. I had to ignore her as well because it seems she doesn’t value me anymore. It makes me sad. I really thought she loved me, How do i unlove someone that does not care about me?

I love her so much and care about her alot because she told me she got neglected from her previous relationship which makes me want to love more harder plus the distance.

We’ve talked about nearly everything including our future, A-Z. We talk like we’re meant to be together. We promised alot of things together. But I realised actions are more proven then words.

I can admit there’s alot i have done wrong

My guesses are i could be too avaliable, needy, having a negative mindset(i promised to her working on how to be happy) i even told her my trauma and bad experiences and she claims to understand

I suffer from trauma and past abuse. I grew up not being loved from parents ghosting from my life.

Weirdly, she unfollowed my insta but still kept my facebook and still sees my stories while i hide her posts and stories. I uploaded a selfie into my facebook wall 7 days she ghosted me and she liked my photo. I feel confused?

Should i blame myself?

Should i tell her how i feel so hurt? I feel clingy and desperate if i say but at the same time she needs to know.

After the breakup , i felt so nauseous(vomiting), stress eating/less eating, crying in random times etc.

More questions or advice is appreciated. I can take criticism.


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Sucks man… bt what can u do abt this? U can ask for a clean break up… that’ll be the best thing for u… try to find closure… and take care of urself…

We just answered you boy!! Better break off things now rather than drag all this out and be bitter in the end.


How long you have been together ?and secondly why you are in a long distance relationship?have you ever been together in real life?