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I have this thought in my mind since long and I cannot discuss it with my fam. I have been married since 9 months initially i thought my husband is caring and everything but then i started seeing his actual site, we have had drunk fights n he use to call his parents and tell them that he is being tortured, i m not good enough and he doesn’t want to live with me. We sorted this out, but eventually i started feeling like he is no more into me, we only talk when he want something or else he will tell me do this and that, in this 9 months we have not gone for a single dinner date, the whole day i m seating home doing my work and he doesn’t even have the audacity to ask how was your day, no greetings nothing. We fight every alternate day, we don’t even talk for days and he doesn’t even care about my existence or happiness or anything. He is just okay with the fact that he has a wife to show the world, he has someone who can cook for him or his family. But he will not put any effort for this relationship.

What m i suppose to do in this case? Shall i continue the way things are going?

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No. Definitely not


I guess you should have a clear communication about how he wants this relationship to go ahead… You shouldn’t compromise with your happiness… You have a whole life ahead


Simple solution , you still have time left to leave him before investing more emotions or before spending more time


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