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I have this strong strong urge to hurt myself. Like a cut soo deep that the blood doesn’t stop flowing and this pain and overcomes the pain from my past which was very brutally brought in front my none other than my mother… I haven’t had this urge before not in my 22 years of not perfect life… I know people cut all the time its nothing new but its first for me… I’ll go with it… Just wanted to say it out loud

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i dont know what kinda situation you are facing. i solely i understand your feeling cause i went through a same kind of self harm feeling recently. but as far as i concern self harm wont solve anything neither it will vanish your pain rather it will pass it on with more effect than you are feeling and you wont be there to relieve those from those will feel it after you are harmed. so try to resolve the matter according to the situation cause i feel if it comes to see our Mum getting for something we do or related to ourselves it feels like we shouldnt live and end everything which is Mum but that isnt the solution rather Mum will be more hurt than anyone else.
its a lil long but i know how it feels so please reconsider the situation and dont take reckless step.


I think i secretly want to hurt her… She hurts me soo much i want to hurt her a little


u shouldn’t go for it…I know a person who did the same thing, although the reason was different but whatever the reason was…he just regrets what he did…coz harming yourself gets u nothing, not even peace of mind…so please don’t do so


Yeah regretting it now


Okay okay wait.
Firstly, do you want to talk about it?
I mean discuss about what all things are there that bother you so much that you are forced to take this step?
This platform might not give you the cure but will give you the strength to fight with all these things positively?
Please do share?


Yeah i mean… Wouldn’t hurt to talk… So i am gay and i failed my 12th, failed again… Then appeared from a different board and passed… I got cheated on by my girlfriend of fourteen months… So my self esteem is really fragile… I gave on myself, i still do occasionally give up… Thinking this all ends in a not so happy ending so what’s the point but then I get back up hard and strong… I study 7-8 hours a day and have big dreams… But then my mother says such things as… “you are only jealous of your brother” “tumse nhi ho payega” “tab nhi hua toh ab kya kar paogi”
Again with the thoughts of “what’s the point”


I really understand your situation and I’m so sorry you had to hear those things from your own mother.
But believe me, there is nothing better than working your ass off and achieving all those things that others believe that you never can have.
It’s more like slapping those people on their faces.
Don’t give up.
Hurting yourself will only make you look weaker even more than they think you are, which you are definitely not.
Ask yourself, do you really deserve to treat yourself the way you’re planning to, just because people around don’t believe in you?
Do you think you need to shed your blood for these people?
Or hurt yourself for these people?
Obviously no.
You have to believe in your self even if not even a single person does.
Trust me, I would have thought that you’re weak but when you mentioned about hurting yourself, I truly and genuinely believe that you’re not weak. Hurting yourself also involves a lot of courage, so why not use it to deal with these people around you and achieve better things in life that make you happy.


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