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I have this sinking feeling… covid has made my relationship worse and i feel like I am slipping into depression and I have started to crave death… for the past one one year there were only fights in my relationship. I feel super lonely and helpless.

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Hey anon,
I can understand how that feels. Relationships take the most vulnerable parts from you and leave you feeling hollow when things go wrong. And trust me, it isn’t just you, everyone has had these relationships that make them feel like giving it all away because it feels like the world has come to an end when the relationship comes to an end.

Having said that, I promise you, this horrible feeling passes, please give it time, please allow yourself to heal, you deserve that. You deserve your peace of mind, you deserve your own life, don’t let somebody else make you feel it is any less. You can get through it, I thnk this can help you:

You’re not alone



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