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I have this scar on my forehead and it really visible. I feel really insecure about it even though I got the scar years ago.
Every time I meet someone I get asked how I got it and I really hate it when people ask, but I still answer them because I don’t really want to be mean. Some people have made a few hurtful comments about it and every time I think about it, it makes me cry.
I also get comments like:
"The scar fits you "
“You look really pretty with it”
But I feel like people just say that to be nice. I can’t give someone a full eye contact when I’m having a conversation with them because I feel like they are looking at my forehead.
I really wish I could just go back in time and erase the day I got the scar.
I love myself but loving the scar is hard. I know there are scar removing creams but it’s too risky to use them because I don’t know if there are side effects.
Looking at today’s beauty standard you are supposed to have flawless skin but that’s impossible for me.
Pls, help me.
Oh, by the way, I’m a female and a teenager

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Hello, I am a teenage female as well and I completely understand your struggles. I understand what it is like to have something on your face that you greatly dislike and feel as though it ruins you completely. But you need to know that your scar does not make you ugly or not pretty. If you saw someone that had an identical scar on their forehead, just like you (There’s 7 billion people in the world, chances are, someone has a scar just like you), would you think that that scar ruins their face? If you answered no, then why should you hold yourself to different standards? If you answered yes, then maybe you need to view beauty a bit differently. I know society and the media portrays the “perfect” look as having flawless skin, but we need to understand that images are heavily obscured with photoshop and makeup. Don’t be so harsh on yourself.


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