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Theidis19 @theidis19

i have this male friend from a long time. we talk every single day tell each other about our day and sadness and everything. its a very special bond. after continuosly talking for an year i confessed him that i love him and he said he isnt ready for a relationship and he’ll tell me when he is ready. but later after i waited for an year almost he said he has feelings for my friend. i was broke and he said he wants to help me out through this depression cuz he caused him. we stayed friends and got more close later. yesterday he said he wants to get into relationship with anyone but not me. he said he wants to get into a relationship this year and is excited for it. so i asked if he is interested in me this time he said no cuz its long distance. i tried convincing him but it seemed like he doesnt love me in the first place. so i said okayy and left. but i told him its hard for me to see him with someone else so lets end the friendship. i badly dont wanna end it but i didnt find any other solution. he doesnt wanna end it too. idk what i shd do now. but i cant be close like before with him cuz once he finds a gf it wont seem good for us to stay close likenow. idk what to do. tell me smth

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You know what you have to do which is to go away . All you are trying to do now is delay the pain you will experience . The other person should have been honest with you , but he wasnt. I know this will be hard on you but people stay away from him. Tell him that you need your time nd space to move on so no making online contact.

Sanket @sanket


Breaking the friendship was not an ideal solution here, you could have tried staying friends with tighter boundaries
Make yourself accept the fact that romantic relationship is not possible with that person however losing a friend is not worthy.

Theidis19 @theidis19


im soo numb rn idk what to do actually


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