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I have this huge stress that making me go crazy sometimes. I just fell for my brother’s friend and at the starting days of our communication he used to be nice and warm but the day i have confessed to him, he is being nice yet distanced. It’s been like more then 3 years and i still love him but he says he like me but don’t want to hurt me. I don’t understand exact meaning of him saying he don’t want to hurt me but i understand cz of our age gap like me 21 and him 28. So i want anyone’s direction or guidance for the situation…we live to next doors and he is my big brother’s best friend, he says he wants to settle in this year but with his family’s wish like an arrange marriage. So he told me last month that if i like him and wants to be settled with him then i can ask in my family for an matchmaking with his family. I seriously can’t understand what i should do😓😓.

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Well, did you try telling this to your brother? If your brother supports you then I would say you are half way through because in such situation one of your family members must support you.
And are you ready for the marriage? If yes, then try talking to your brother first.


Thanks…😇😇 yes my brother has no problem cz he almost wants this but only fear is about the guy’s family like if they will accept it or not. But yes i want to marry him. 😍😍


Hey first you need to overcome your fear that they might reject you. Try to find out first what all reasons can stop this marriage n try to find the answers to it. I mean be prepared to answer every question which will show them that you are damn serious about this marriage. And at the end every parent wants their child to be happy and once they find that both of you will be happy with each other then they should not have any problem. You need to face it dear. It’s okay to be scared but just prepare urself for the worst situation and hope for the best and if something goes wrong we are all here to help you out. …They will understand your love … don’t worry. All the best …


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