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I have this friend who I’ve had a rift with for bout a more than a week now. Lately, our principles have clashed and our views on right and wrong are different. Because of this we both think we’re right and won’t give in. I know you’ll tell me that our friendship should be prioritized, so I’ll tell you a rundown of the situation. I worked in an environment where hierarchy is impt in following rules regardless of the consequences. My friend is in the upper part of that said hierarchy, above me and other people whose the same level as me who I’m also friends with. A few days ago, the upper ones received an information that I think should’ve shared with everybody regardless of ranks because it involves risking our lives and livelihood. They didnt. And also made efforts to conceal it. Of course I was one of the furious people and confronted him about it. He didn’t apologized and instead make up excuses for their actions. Furthermore, I found out he had the chance to tell me but chose not to but told his other friends. It hurts when I think his friends. have ranks too. Since then, we havent talked. I missed him and everyday, I think about if I should be the first one to make the move and salvage our friendship. But I also have this feeling that doing so will jeopardize my principles and also I feel as if I’m going to betray my other friends who are in the fighting with the same beliefs as mine.

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