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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

I have this best friend named Taylor. I always get annoyed when she doesn’t spend time with me. When she kisses her boyfriend, I feel… To put it like this, “annoyed.” I don’t know if I have a crush on her. I also tend to feel like I run out of things to say when I try to have a conversation with her. When I can out to her as nonbinary over text, she was very supportive and told me that I was a great friend. I felt this odd tingly sensation overtake me. I was very happy and giddy that she had sI know she is straight, but I still want to tell her my feelings. How do I do that? I have no other choice but to tell her over text because of coronavirus. The school year hasn’t started yet. I also get annoyed when she doesn’t text answer me right Sre these signs that I may have a crush? How do I accept that she may not return my feelings? My parents are also homophobic so how can I date her behind my parent’s backs? PS I just found out my older sister was gay and I was do surprised and happy!

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Heyy I prefer just open up to her and don’t make things awkward okay? Tell her the things which are upsetting you. Frame it in a good way, put your problems in good words and write to her. I’m sure she’ll understand. Also, I’m happy for your sister. I’m sure you can have a talk with your sister, she might understand you much better because she’s been through all this too.


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