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Murat @murat_19

I have something for all broken heart ppl worth sharing🙃…

I will tell you what it means in the end but just read it and try to understand…

“Imagine you have a swim suit,a shiny beautiful one and you just want to wear it,but it’s a bit uncomfortable a little to tight,but you want to wear it anyways and go into the ocean with it,now it’s getting dirty all your sweat and dirt is accumulating in it…you might even had peed in it or whatever…but then you come back home it’s uncomfortable ,you still like it but it is…so now you take it off put it on the bed and take a good shower…in the mean time your friend or someone else wears your swimsuit ,now that person thinks this is newly washed and for him it’s not uncomfortable as it was for you,and it also looks good on them,you always knew that there are too many same or better swimsuits you can get,but you are human and that sense of loss of your thing might make you beg the other person ,now what you should do is to let that other person have it,and till the time you are not ready to go back to the sea side just don’t buy one,wait and have patience…maybe the person who is wearing or having your swim suit might throw it away , stop liking it,so when he she will be returning the suit back to you,you might have a better one…”

I read it in a book i am sorry if I couldn’t made it clear but the reasin of this example is that sometimes things that are not good for us or even were but there were some adjustments needed , always know that you can get something better than them,for all of you who think that the person you love is the last one don’t…trust me 3.5 billion men and woman and don’t you think there is one person perfect for you?

Compatibility is a myth…love is not found but built…if someone says there are low on love for you trust me they just wanna make it true even if there heart is filled with love there anxious and depressed brain will never let them see it …and don’t try to make them see it…you love them? Just walk away …let the childish brain settle the heart will 100% miss you no cap…after that when they reach you ,forgive them,be kind not nice…be attractive have a life…if you make a guy or girl your happiness your already short life is done for dudes…they come back means there heart and mind loved you …but don’t force any person to stay… it’s like holding the rope of a wild bull that wants to go away to maybe nowhere or maybe a better master or that’s what they think…but guess what they will come back if the new master mistreats them,they will apologize if they have wounded your hands when you were holding there rope while they wanted to run away…be kind and gentle do not beg or want to get together…you will find someone better just be patient…in the end i would say thanks for reading all of this lol…but trust me brother sister or whatever…you will be better…

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