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Sama @singularity

I have some strange feeling for some days. I dont even know what happened to me. Iam sad, but i dont know the real reason. I just know iam sad as f**k. Really really sad. But for no reason. My eyes starts tearing up for no reason suddenly… i dont know why is this happening. When i think about happy moments i had with my friends, i become sad, but they are there still with me… i dont know what is this. Can someone help me?

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Normal @justnormal

You are feeling sad inside . Calm yourself and ask yourself the real u who inside u. Stop overthinking .Take time to do it and after doing it. If need more help ask.

Sama @singularity

When i think, i cant find a reason, it could be because of my insecurities, iam not sure, or because what i want to do is not what iam doing, its like i picture myself as someone and iam someone entirely different, i couldnt do anything for me… i am a people pleaser and i always care about others, so i hate me that i love others and take care of others more than myself. I always do things what others want. I dont even care about me. Could that be a reason? Like my mind is reacting now as iam holding everything inside for so so sooo long and everything is coming out now without any control. I cant even control my tears now

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anuj @anujvohra

May be it’s a phase…go for a walk and speak to your close friends…try to be outside and play sports if possible

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Mallikarjun @lostarjun

It’s normal to be sad and low mood gor few days and week. If this trend continues for more than 2 weeks, try to change your life style and routine. Try something different or new

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Zealous @aidinghearts

Wish could help you, but don’t have healing power. Just have moral support, which won’t do much for sure.


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