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I have some questions…I’m a black girl (notice I said girl and not woman. I’m a teenager and don’t have much knowledge in this so please don’t send hate)
Okay so I’m all in for black people getting some recognition because we deserve it. I’m all in for all the protest to stop racism. It’s just that now some black people are making almost everything about race… even the things that have nothing to do with race.
And I’m confused with the saying that ‘black people can’t be racist’. I think anybody can be racist and it’s not only white people.
If a black person makes fun of a white person or an Asian and that considered a joke or dark humor. But if it’s the other way round it’s racist.
I thought we were suppose to fight for equality and not to be judge by the colour of our skin… I really want a world were I’m considered a teenager not a black or white teenager.
Aren’t we suppose to be fighting for equality.
Please i would love if someone replies nicely, I’m saying this in a respective and maybe I’m wrong but please do not SEND HATE to me.

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Dinethra @debesharingfeeli...

No, what you are saying is perfectly NORMAL. Racism isn’t something people are born with but is taught, anybody can be taught a lot of things and unfortunately, racism is one of them. Therefore anybody can be a racist, not just white people. However, they can be untaught, you can try to tell them that what they’re saying is wrong, hateful and very hurtful for a lot of people. If they don’t listen then it’s their loss and their choice to stay ignorant cuz they ain’t any better than white people being racist. I know how it feels to be the odd one out in a situation like this, I’m a brown teenager from a south-Asian family and I had my fair share of racist, sexist and ignorant comments from them but we have to stay strong and stick with what’s right! So continue to fight for what’s right and stay strong girl!❤️❤️❤️

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Ujjwal @ubrdj

Everything you have stated above is the crystal clear TRUTH and people of all ages should understand this as soon as possible!!
No one is a born racist, it’s something a person is conditioned into over the years and there are various factors involved which result in such a behaviour. No one superior than the other. But there are some creatures (I won’t call them humans) who use this as a propganda to get monetary benefits creating divide among humans who don’t have such intentions.

There’s a common saying:
Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter and it’s big time people understand this.

Take care and stay blessed 🙏


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