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I have so many problems of course we all have problems but why do I feel like I am always alone you know I pray sometimes. And read bible sometimes. But I am not that bad person. Actually I got in ranking sometimes and sometimes I failed. I have friends not a lot but they are good to hang out with and telling secrets and problems. I have a family but not too close enough to tell them my problems. They always trying to get a closure to me but no one even tried to reach out to me and when someone does? I thought they finally understand me but no. So I just keep my problems to myself. Sometimes I am a horrible person because I have a frank personality and I just can’t keep my mouth shut whenever someone asks me for my opinion and often times I hurt people too because of my stupid tongue. Sometimes I am kind, mentally I think? I always wantd to do things like being kind and courteous. But its just that I am afraid that they will think of me as plastic. But you know what people and my family too… mother side actually thinks of me as a plastic person. Because you know I whenever I want to do good things they seems not to like it and some times take advantage of it. Is my decision to be good that bad? Or is it good to be bad? I don’t know what to say. I know it is confusing but it is me you know.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


Hey, you are not confusing at all. It does make sense what you are going through when you are doing good and kind things and people around you are taking advantage of it. How about you really focus on your own personality and help others the way you do. As when we are helping, just forget about getting something in return. Do not let those people change your good attitude and kindness, and try building yourself and continue doing good things for others.
But at the same time, don’t forget that if you are being used or taken advantage of, then you can probably step back for a while to let them realize what they are missing or if not, then just think before helping and kind of take your decisions wisely.


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