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I have slight body image issues. I don’t know whether to lose weight gain weight or maintain the weight I have rn.

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Afreen @afreen

You should see a fitness influencer then.
Siddhant Rai Sikand in Olympia gym gk-2 is one of the best I know.
He can help you.

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

I would like you to ask yourself why you feel like altering your weight. Is it for health reasons, is it for belonging to a particular class of society, is it because someone close to you suggested it?

Siddhant @siddhantraisikand

Hey there, first of all, you are amazing for taking the initiative to come up and share this out. Second, weight gain/lose/maintain that’s all secondary to the fact that you’re trying to work towards your better self. And let me tell you i have been there where even i was so confused whether i should lose or gain or stress my guts out haha. But i’d say just try and exercise few days a week, you’ll automatically start feeling alot better. If you are confused regarding what to do, you can hit me up anytime , i am all ears :)


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